Sunday, August 10, 2008

LOVE ... it is my passion to capture it.

I was honored today to photograph the Chou family ... with 4 generations all together! How awesome is that?!!

The Chou family was so gracious and kind ... reflecting as I often do on my drive back home I remembered the photograph of my grandparents that I keep on my nightstand and smiling at knowing that they had been married for so so many years ... I remember my grandmother saying that "some people don't live as long as we've been married Penny Marie" ... I remember chuckling when she said that thinking 'okay... grandma' know in that young teenage way

Now I think of them and reflect how true that was and how honored I feel to be a part of capturing families and images that mean so much.
Thank you Chou family.

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allison stahl said...

Wow Penny, that brought such a smile to my face the minute I saw the images of this sweet couple..great job in capturing them. Makes my heart melt!