Saturday, May 19, 2007

Working Hard

You know you are working too hard when your daughter clicks on the photobooth on the computer and she gets this picture of you! Man! I've been crazy busy ... it's a wonderful busy ... but busy none the less! I've gotten some totally kick booty engagement sessions to share and some totally awesome baby shoots. I promise they are coming in the next couple of days. Oh yes, and the great wedding of Kelly and Jenci ... the bride and groom opted for some fun shots together late that evening and let me tell you .... we had a great time and got totally rad pictures!

Today I went and got a massage ... not only was the de-stressing needed but the calm was needed. I think sometimes we get so busy that we forget that we need to take al ittle time out for ourselves ... oh yes and I got a cute little black dress ... very 50's .. I'm in love!

Since my buddy Barb said "hey you haven't blogged in a while" I thought I better get on it ... she has four kids and she noticed that I hadn't blogged ... I've totally got to get on it!!! Thanks Barb ... you totally are an inspiration to me :-) BTW, We are shooting tomorrow at the Arden Hills Country Club Spa ... maybe I'll get a pedicure .......