Monday, March 31, 2008

turkeys everywhere

I saw the most turkeys I've ever seen in one place ... in the wild no less ... No! No! sillys ... not Barb's family who I got to photograph recently ... but real live wild turkeys were all over the place while we were shooting ... it was Awesome! Mark knew how to call them and so we got to hear them talk back at us ... it was great! We also saw about 5 dear ... so fun! Here are some more fun shots from their session.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

fun at the stables

Yesterday I got to hang out at the Penryn Oak Stables with my young friend Annika and it was so much fun! I think I've found a love for horses! There is something about them that is so tender ... I felt drawn to petting them ... and apparently photographing their noses!! I grab some other fun images too ... check 'em out!

I've photographed celebrities before ... the human kind ... this guy is a celebrity in his own species ... do you know who he is? He's graced the cover of magazines!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

napa fun

Wow! This week I got to take a trip to Napa to photograph Julia and Tom! They are so so so sweet! We had so much fun! Their buddy Tullie the most beautiful boxer hung out with us and was so well behaved it was crazy! We went all over Napa snapping away ... I had worked out earlier in the week so I was a little creaky on the stairs at the Culinary Institute ... it was quite a laugh ... I promised that I wouldn't work out hard before the wedding! When we were at the Culinary Institute Tom bought the most awesome black licorice EVER! RJ's Natural Licorice ... when I was driving home late that night I felt so mischievous to eat it as it was left behind ... I truly could not resist! I think they got me hooked! We also had a wonderful dinner at the Rutherford Grill , the chili, which Tom recommended was excellent. On the way back home we stopped at the wedding site ... Julia's parents property/winery ... oh my goodness! The wedding is going to be awesome!! The scenery is absolutely gorgeous! Here are some images from their engagement session ... we drove all day practically to find the mustard ... who knew that they were going to mow it throughout Napa the week before our shoot!!!! Thank you guys for such a wonderful day!!

addy and sam

Friday I had the pleasure of photographing my friends Addy & Sam clothing line and it was a blast! The kids were absolutely GREAT! Well behaved and havin' fun ... who could ask for more?! Here are some of the images that I grabbed that I love!