Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Click on image for your slideshow :-) These were some of my favorites from the session ... i haven't edited these images yet ... I just knew that you were excitted to sneak a peak ... they'll be edited tomorrow :-)

Monday, May 29, 2006


Click on sweet Gabriel's picture to see a slideshow of some of my favorites from his sesssion! He had a blast a the park! Thank goodness he didn't go for a swim with the ducks!!!

Here is the link for the Sacramento BEE article that I got to photograph for them featuring my favorite local magazine Kidaround Town


Click on this Sweet litte Guy Easton and see a slide show from his session! He is a cutie!!! Hope you like 'em Amy! :-)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

We're back from Disneyland and we had a wonderful time. Above are some of the images I snapped. I took a whole series of Mason in ToonTown on every car there - he wasn't big enough to go on the roller coaster so we had our own little photoshoot! And Isabel and I had some fun with a Buzz lighyear light thing at night waiting for the fireworks ... I'll post those soon just for fun!

It's been a busy week with sessions and meetings. And lots of learning. I've been soaking up a DVD by Mike Colon ... I just love it! I'm definatly going to have to attend his seminar! The DVD makes one thirsty for more!

I'm excitted to meet with Heather and Clay this upcomming weekend for their engagement shoot. We are going to shoot at a very fun place ... you'll have to check back for their images AND I'm shooting for KidAround Town this upcomming weekend ... which is always fun! I love it so much!

Oh yes, AND this week I got a picture in the Sacramento BEE! That was cool. I'll put the pic up tomorrow :-)

Enjoy the long weekend!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mickey Mouse Here We Come!!!

I'm excitted! Tomorrow we hit the road for Disneyland! Cool Beans! I love that place! Both Mason and Isabel are excitted ... we are keeping it a secret that we are going to have lunch with the pricesses ... I can't wait to see Isabel's face light up! I'm actually not sure who is more excitted to go ... My husband and I or the kids! On the way, I'll be sure to give my brother Scott a call for the traditional "who didn't brush their teeth" comment when we go through Coalinga ... gotta love that! And I'm looking forward to the traditional RainForest Cafe dinner tomorrow night! I'll post some images from the trip as soon as we return.

Today I also got to meet the sweetest set of twins. Thank you Crystal for letting me have the pleasure of photographing them. Look for their upcomming article in Kidaround Town comming out in July.

Until my return from the Happiest Place on Earth ....

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Fun Little Ones!

Had a blast photographing these little ones at preschool! Thanks Jenn. And thanks to all your cute little faces ... I love the way you all look at the world!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Moms at the Park

This Monday I got the pleasure of photographing a local moms group at the park ... oh so much fun! Thank you guys for the great fun of photographing all your little ones ... each little one was so sweet! I'll have the images posted by Friday :-)

This morning I met with a client and her little boy Aiden! Oh, I have to say I could just kick myself for not having my camera with me as he made the cutest expression while waiting for us to finish our chat! Thank you Aiden for the smiles today!

Alrighty, it's back to work for me ... I've got sessions to work on. I've finished up my sweet pea Cannons session in the park and I have to say his eyes just capture my heart! I can't wait for his mommy and daddy to see the pictures ...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Nothing like a little fun with the ones you love. Avalyns shower was today and I got a new lens so of coarse I had to take some pictures. My brother Scott got the one of me with the tongue out! Fun stuff! Jenn, I had to put the feet picture in! I'm hitting the hay, I'm exhausted!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Well, here it is! May's issue of Kidaround Town. I have to say it was just a blast working with you Dana! This was a fun shoot ... on a beautiful day in Old Sacramento. Thanks so much for great fun! I truly loved the young mans comment as we were on the boat ... "wow, pregnant moms are really sexy" ... Priceless! I love it ... If only we always felt that way! ;-)