Tuesday, July 29, 2008

berry pickin'

The sign read "no berries allowed in picnic area until purchased", we walked by and sorta giggled ... do you think they know we were sampling as we were pickin'? No doubt they must know ... he-he-he ... we just covered our mouths and looked at each other with eyes meeting each others and silly smiles .... he-he-he ...

Last week we we berry picking and it was so so so yummy, errr, I mean fun, yeah fun! We picked so many berries that I'm sure we could be grubbin on berry pie for weeks if it was all we ate for dinner! The squeels from the vines were priceless "Ah, Mom ... this one is totally juicy" Mason haulered and "Man, Mom, this one is HUUUUGE!" Isabel gleefully announced.

Here are some pics of our fun ...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quite Contrary

Oh my! I have to say that the fashion shoot for Quite Contrary Clothing was so very fun! These kids were so full of life and they loved the clothes, which made it even more fun ... I have to give an extra special shout out to Rebecca and Mary of Stems. Honestly, their hospitality was way over and beyond! Their store is beautiful and their personalities the same. They were truly lovely. If you are looking for flowers for any event ... I tell you ... they are your girls!

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot ... all the kids were so so so great ... I love them so much!

There are a bunch of them ... I just couldn't resist!! Enjoy!

Max and Mokie

I don't know what it is really about dogs that I love so much! I LOVE them. Maybe it's the whole unconditional love, always happy go lucky ... wet nose thing ... who knows ... but honestly they are so great! I absolutely love photographing them! I really feel like I'm playing.

Sunday, Max and Mokie came over and we did a surprise shoot for their human mom ... here are some of my fav's ... Aren't the doggies beautiful!

Monday, July 14, 2008

little miss. audra

Every time I visit Miss. Audra she gets more and more cute! I'm telling you ... it's so fun! I got to play in the backyard with Audra recently and then it was getting a little close to dinner time so we went inside and she got a little snack ... she really really wanted that artichoke!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

nicole and wesley

Yesterday's wedding was so so so much fun! Parting until midnight ... Nicole and Wesley had such a beautiful event. At their families winery in Apple Hill, the evening was a perfect summer evening.

Here a are few images from the day ... more to come in a slideshow ...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

OK .... soooooo I have to share something so sweet it makes me cry ... I cry at EVERYTHING ... really, but this touched my heart right to the core.

This evening, Mason, the same little boy who said (very loudly ... I might add) while waiting in line at Nordstrom ... and I quote "You are a bad mommy" , told me as I was tucking him in to bed ... "Mommy, you are so preeeetty" ... OH MY GOSH ... I'm in love!!!

I hope I remember that moment for the rest of my life ... it was just so cute to hear him say that with his cute little smile ...

Monday, July 07, 2008

photos like the dentist

OK ... Sooooo, I don't love the dentist ... I have a great one ... but I don't like going ... AND ... I don't like getting my picture taken ...which is kinda funny being as my passion is taking photographs ... it is rare that I'm in a photograph without my tongue sticking out or a funny face ... I just like being goofy and then when the camera is in front of me ... well ... it just brings out goofy ... you know???!

This past weekend I did a fashion shoot for Quite Contrary and Georgina ... who is near and dear to me grabbed some photos while I was working ...which I was actually thankful for ... but it was still painful!!! Enjoy! I'll post some of my images shortly.

moms workshop announcement

Hot dog! It's finally here! I'm so super excited about this! Many of you have asked both photographers and moms if I was going to do a workshop and I kept saying that its in the works ... well my friends ... it's here!!! This first workshop is designed specifically for moms ... not professional photographers ... the photographers workshop will be announced shortly ... I promise!!!

So .... are you ready .....

The moms photography workshop is Saturday, September 27th. Registration is $99 which will include your lunch. Please email me at penny@pennysylvia.com to register and get more information.

Friday, July 04, 2008

summer sanders

Finally! The new issue of Kidaround is out and I can blog about my wonderful trip to Manhattan Beach to photograph Summer Sanders ... who, by the way, is super sweet...which I'm sure if you've met her before is no surprise.

One of the reasons I was excited to photograph Summer was because she is from Sacramento and we are around the same age ... so my best friend from high school, Jenny, who swam competitivly in high school knew who she was ... so Jenny thought it was pretty cool that I got to meet her ;-) as did I! Also, Manhattan Beach rocks and I would move there in a heart beat ... the place just buzzes of wonderful beach life and I've never seen so many volley ball nets in my life on the beach!

Summer's dad was at the house and he was so so so nice and warm hearted ... he made me feel right at home ... he came down to the beach with us to help with the stoller ... we got a great photo of him on his cell phone and pulling the stroller in the sand, all the while with a burp cloth over his shoulder ... like every good grandpa! I love that photo!

Anyway, the trip was awesome and so was Summer! Who I have to say has the most fabulous arms ... when I'm at the gym I envision that one day, soon, I'll have those kick butt arms!!!

Thanks so much Summer!