Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Awesome Album!!

You've got to check this out ... It Rocks!!! Expecting Sam

Il Fornaio and Buckets of Rain

Well little Miss. Isabel is in dance class and I'm getting an hour of free mom time ... well ... work time ;-) I took this picture Saturday of Isabel while I was waiting for my maternity session to arrive and I just love it because it is so Miss. Isabel! I had to share it.
I'm feaverishly processing photos from Kristle and Ryan Jones wedding this weekend. It was so beautiful and we beat the rain. I followed them to a romantic dinner at Il Fornaio's (the restaurant was most gracious in letting us take pictures ... it's such a beautiful restaurant!) and when I left them and got in the car ... buckets of rain came down and I mean buckets! Yeah guys ... we beat the downpour. Ryan and Kristle are enjoying themselves in Jamacia right now ... I'll have a collage of their wedding posted within the next day or two ... and their pictures up by the end of the week!!!
Christine and Al you guys were so fun ... I can't wait to show you your maternity photos! And I can't wait to meet your little girl when she arrives! Excitting! Thank you Michelle for sending me such delightful clients :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Little Burrito and Starbucks!

A little sample from Sweet Juliette's First moments session. What a love!

Tomorrow is Friday and TGIF!! This week has been a busy one ... This weekend I look forward to shooting Christine and her husband's maternity photos and Kristle and Ryan's wedding at the Sterling Hotel in Sacramento ... Their photos will be up next week :-)

Oh yes, and today I confirmed with the Starbucks on 38th and J Street that I'll be able to display my work in the Month of March ... so grab a cup of Joe and see some of my recent work!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another Beautiful Day

Today I got to photograph little Miss Juliette - and what a sweet pea she is! Just two weeks old and she is already just as sweet as can be with her sweat little toes and her sweet lips. She's already a great appreciater of Art and I just love that!!! Come back tomorrow to see a sampling from her session.

Today I got word that my beloved Grandma D. isn't doing so great - she has struggled with Deminsia for some time now and bless her heart is still doing so - tonight my Aunt and I talked about how important family is. I love my Aunt so much - she is just so awesome. With a heart bigger than anyone else I know. I am so blessed to have her in my family. My Grandma D has always been a gem to me, someone I've always admired because of her spunk and it is so hard to see what age brings to the otherwise vibrant. Such a Sassy one Grandma D is. Tonight we talked about my Grandpa D's wonderful chicken noddle soup (he made the best) and I remember shortly before he died learning how to make his wonderful and so simple noddles ... from the master himself ... family traditions are awesome and I love them. I think that is one reason why I enjoy photographing people because I get to be a part of that ... a part of something that years later when you talk to your Aunt and set time asside to go through trunks of photographs and journals I'll have been a part of that in some way and the joy that it brings to my heart that my Aunt found all those memories in their barn will hopefully one day bring joy to your families hearts when your memories are shared with those that love you the most.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cutest Sweet Potato in the West

Sweet Potato
Truly the cutest sweet potato in the West! Little Freddy was just the most calm little man I've photographed in a while. Truly his parents joy ... and it shows! Such tiny fingers and toes ... what a love. Freddy's pictures will be posted within the next couple of days ... come back to see them under recent sessions!

Expecting Grace

Beautiful Jessica and Husband Derek
Such an awesome time in your guys' life ... Thanks for letting me capture it for you. Here's just a small sampling from your session. Come back in the next day or so and our images will be posted. :-) Thanks again.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Busy, Busy, Oh I'm glad it's a day off!!!

Well, today is Monday and I have the day off from my consulting job! ;-) My client Claire helped me with the new title ;-) Thanks Claire ... it brings a smile to my face each time I say it ;-)

I've got to get the sweetest little sweet potato I've ever seen, Freddys' pictures posted today and Jessica's maternity pictures up ... we had lots of fun shooting those. I'll be off here shortly to shoot Zoey and Jackson ... but right now I'm chasing Mason around the kitchen .. we made cookies and now he is fasinated with the stove and Isabel ... well, she's just eating the cookes!!!! And trying to get a little work done! Life is crazy!

Oh and I had a blast shooting for Kidaround Town this weekend too ... Always a blast. The new magazine will be out in March! Thanks Barbara and Maggie for such a fun time!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Sweet Zoey

Sweet little Zoey and her sister Peyton ... Isn't Zoe's yawn so sweet and her big sis's pig-tales - too cute! See more from their session in my recent sessions.