Monday, July 30, 2007

So Tiny

Saturday morning I got a call from Alex and Laura asking if I could possibly fit them in that day ... usually not so easy ... but it just so happened that I was just finishing up a shoot and heading their way, and I'm so glad that I was able to meet their little guy Tyler.
This image of Tyler just tugs at my heart ... there is something about the crinkles on his back and knowing that he was born a month early and to really see just how tiny he is in his dads arms. I LOVE this image!

And of coarse no family shoot would be complete without getting the first born in the picture!! Maxwell the kitty is still not quite sure that he has adjusted to his second place status ... I love the look on his face , it says to me ... Hey lady, I know you're here for the boy ... don't try to amuse me by taking one or two pictures of me!!! Maxwell was truly a beautiful cat!

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Cool shades for eyes and nails! Man! Where were these kind of party places (for kids) in the 70's!!! OK so I'm dating myself a bit ... but really ... places like Girlfriendz in Roseville were not around when I was growing up and they are so so so much fun!
Not only did Miss. Hannah and her friends get to get all dolled up with makeup, hair, polish and the clothes to boot ... they got to sign and party like a rockstar!

I think I'm going to get my Girlfriends together and have a party like this!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mr. Alex

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Alex and his doggie "sister" and I had such a great time. I just love babies and doggies and this little guy and gal were too sweet!

Look at this happy face! LOVE IT!!
I love how curious she was ...
I'm so ready for another puppy! Now I just have to sell it to the honey!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Earlier this week my niece Sierra had her summer party and it was a blast! I got to follow as the official photographer and let me tell you ... it was fun to be a fly on the wall at an 7 year olds party at build-a-bear, dining at chuck e. cheeses and then swimming at the house ... too too much fun ...

My Miss. IsabelSweet Rocky
Sierra and her Converse!!

Sierra is gonna kill me when she sees this pic on the blog, but she is just so sweet I had to post it...
Is washing her new found friend ...
Mike with the girls ... he made the party!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I've been trying to keep up with my blog in the last couple of weeks ... which it seems when I'm the busiest I think of keeping up with everything, funny how that is.

Anyway, I'm undergoing a major life change, I've been living a double life as a IT analyst by day and Professional Photographer by day/night/wee-hours of the day which has been quite the whirlwind of a life for the past several years to say the least! I'm proud to say that I'm going giving up the day job!!! In just 5 days I will be "just" a Professional Photographer!!! For those of you who know me ... you know that I'm living my dream. What I really wanted to share with you all is that if you set that goal ... whatever it may be ... it is attainable, the trick is to actually set the goal. Don't just talk about it, write it down, make it happen! You totally can do it!! A few years ago some of my tech buddies used to tease me and call me "Penny America" because I had all these crazy ideas of working for myself ... Now the call me "Penny International" because my photography is taking me places I really dreamed of ... Life is truly amazing!

My friend Wendy took this picture of Tony and I, I'm usually not in front of the camera! I felt all silly, in fact my family would be proud as it is one of the few I don't have my tongue sticking out in! ... I love this photo of us! I thought I'd post it.

Here are a few photos I've been meaning to post from my Half Moon Bay trip with my honey. We had a great time.

My husband had me photograph some hot chicks .. ha-ha-ha , they were too cute to pass up. We went to a farmers market , I love them! We meet some great people and got some tasety treats from them! They were super nice, I had to snap their photo!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Fun with the Fam

So I'm in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities, this weekend with my family and we are winding down this evening ... well, I had to check email and stuff this evening so we decided to pile on the bed and take a couple of family photos for the blog ... for a photographer you would think I would have a ton of family photos ... and I do ... thanks to Photobooth on the mac!!! Anyway ... we got a little silly ... Dad and Mason took his request to "pick your nose" a little too seriously!!! But it was hilarious!!! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Derek and Megan

Wow! Yesterday's wedding with Derek and Megan was just a beautiful day!
They were married at Empire Mine in Grass Valley which is so beautiful it's crazy!

The details were fun and true ...

The bride, Megan, stunning ...
Ah....married at last!
smoooooching ... I'm a big fan of smoooching...

Ok, so we got a little silly with a "found" item .....
The evening was lovely

Now they jet to Italy for two weeks of great adventure ... honestly I think that the photographer should go with them ... I know they will have great fun and I can't wait to see the pictures and hear the great stories....

Monday, July 09, 2007

I met with my friends Kelly and Jenci tonight and I promised I get this slideshow up tonight ... enjoy ...

Kelly and Jenci

Kelly and Jenci were married at Straus Island in Elk Grove and it was so beautiful ... It was also I think one of the hottest days we've had in Sacramento in a while ... but the heat did not deter them from having a lovely day ... here are some of the images that we captured...

At the end of the evening, I followed them over to the Hyatt in downtown Sacramento where they were spending the evening ... we got some super romantic stuff there!