Sunday, August 10, 2008

Being six is an amazing time in life ... life is so fresh ... so bright ... and full of love at six. When I met Toby and his family yesterday that is exactly what I was thinking as I was driving home from the shoot ... how true we can show our love at six. As soon as I met Toby ... I felt his warm heart ... so so so sweet ... Now ... 9 ... Nine is a great age too ... Toby's brother is so talented ... art abounds the house which this young talent has created and I was serenaded as I was leaving to a amazing piano melody! I had so much fun meeting this family and capturing the love they have for each other. I really love the image above ... let me add that at 6 ... kissing mom and dad is cool ... at 9 ... a little more coaxing is involved ... ;-)

Elaine ... mom ... is part of the Down Syndrome Information Alliance and I had the opportunity to look at their site and one of the things that as a mom I thought was so awesome is they have a group to meet others whose lives are affected by Down Syndrome ... I thought ... what a wonderful resource for parents. Check it out ... Also, they have a big event coming up ...

Buddy Walk *Featuring Chris Burke!*
Saturday, October 4 | Southside Park, Sacramento


Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

I love your Blog and I love your photos. The photo of Jen and Joaquin is amazing, I want a copy for my office =)

I love this photo of Toby and his family as well, Jen told me about them. I have one comment about your post. you are right in saying that lives are "affected" by Down Syndrome, but now I believe that lives are also "blessed" by it =)

You don't have to post my comment, just wanted to share that...


Penny Sylvia said...

You are so so right about being blessed ... I have to tell you that I'm touched by how truly awesome it is to be able to rub elbows ... really be a part ... of such wonderful people and families. Thank you for touching my life.