Wednesday, December 27, 2006

OK ... so I could not resist alittle more fun with the camera tonight. Mason and I were testing out the effects! Isn't he a cutie pie!

Right On! Today my new MacBook Pro came and let me tell you I'm totally stooked! This thing rocks! It has a built in camera on the monitor .. too cool .. so I had to snap a pic of me to test it out! Right On! I'll be playing with this all night ... ok ... maybe not all night, I have images to work on ;-)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Ahhhh, so fun! Last week I got to give photo tips on the Good Day Sacramento show with Julissa Ortiz and the crew... and let me tell you it was so so fun! The morning flew by like it was just 15 mintues ... in truth it takes alot of time to do what they do. Us TV watching folks just get to see what is on TV ... but it is amazing at what is behind the scenes! Thanks Alyson, Terry, Dave, Branden and Of Coarse Julissa for making me feel like I was part of the gang! And thank you Wendy ... :-)

Well, I'm feaverishly working on wedding images this week and I ran accross this one this afternoon, my assistant Hidemi always captures and image of me and I like this one ... so I thought I'd post it! The one she got of me standing in the bathtub photographing a bride still takes the cake ... but I like the inventive use of my legs as a tripod while still looking casual ... too funny!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Man-0-man! It's been a crazy week and its only Wednesday! This week I got to work with Jolissa of Good Day Sacramento and give tips on how to get great photos and how to edit them...TV is so so fun! And Jolissa and the crew are great, Dave, Terry, Alyson and Branden all made me feel comfortable and like I was one of the gang! Thank you guys! I'll post some pics from the day ... but if you are curious you can goto the Good Day Sacramento site and see alittle clip!

Also today my new ad came out in Sacramento Bride magazine! It was so awesome to buy the magazine at the book store and say ... this is my work! Jenni the bride in the ad is just the sweetest thing ... Both Tyson and Jenni, Thank you so much for being such truly wonderful people.

Well, Isabel is calling me to give her a kiss goodnight ... so I'm going to go hang out with her and most likely fall asleep ... it's been a long day!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Amazing! It's December ... I can't belive how time flies! It's been some time since I've posted so I thought get to it! I've been so busy these last few weeks ... it's so fun! ... and crazy. Being a photographer is trully the BEST fun! I love getting to play ... I mean work ... with such awesome people and kids ... it totally ROCKS! Yesterday I did a shoot for my favorite local kids magazine KidAroundTown and we had a blast! The new issue will be out in January so keep your eyes peeled!

If any of you out there are from the Boston area ...Multiple Moms Rock (the hip shirts for moms of multiples) are going to be featured in the Boston Herald and I hear that potentially the photos from our session will be included! It's that cool?!!! I can't wait to see it ... check out Monday the 11ths paper ;=) and keep me posted if you would.

Well, I'm heading to bed ... I'm so tierd this evening it's not funny ...