Friday, June 30, 2006

Extra! Extra! The new KidAround Town issue it out and I'm so proud of our work! Barb! You and the magazine ROCK! It's a dream to get to work with you. It's not work!! This shoot by far was such a pleasure! All the little ones were total gems to photograph! And a special thanks to Le Petit Paris for the great clothes and accesories! Check out her shop if you are in the Sacramento area!!!

Here's a fun picture of me in action while shooting for Hip Bebe's , Lora's hubby snapped it of me while showing her mom some images!

Tonight I met with such a sweet couple, Irina and Ariel! I'm shooting their wedding in September and it is going to be so fun! They are sooooo sweet! They seem so full of life ... We are going to shoot their engagement party next month ... so check back .. it should be fun!!

Jess, you cracked me up last night when you told me you were checking the site like a stocker! :-) Too funny. Click on Miss. Grace's picture above and enjoy a slideshow of some of my favorites!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

well, it's been one crazy week! Besides fighting a summer cold ... no fun let me tell you ... I had a great shoot for Hip Bebes (I couldn't resist posting the above picture) Lora the owner is wonderful and her slings are super sassy and totaly awesome! The fabrics are so hip! I love 'em! You'll have to check 'em out. They are now available at Kismet Maternity.

Oh yes, and I'm so excitted, I just booked a show ... July 30. It's going to be so much fun ... more details to follow. So save the date and come see some of my work and have a cup of tea with me at Javalicious in River Park. Loana the owner is just the sweetest ... we are going to have fun :-)

I'm looking forward to a crazy busy weekend and Jason and Amber's wedding on July 4th! They are such a great couple, so fun! If they can survive attacking eels at the beach ;-) they can make it through anything!! You guys are great and I'm totally looking forward to Tuesday!

Well, to bed I go ... I've got to kick this cold ...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Do Not Shake Your Baby

Today, on assignment for Kidaround Town, I got the wonderful opportunity to meet and photograph the Juceam family, who have gone through what no family should have to go through. Their little Hannah Rose lost her life due to a caretaker shaking her. Their website gives more information on how you can help get the message out NOT TO SHAKE A BABY!

Thank you so much for letting me get to spend some time with your beautiful family, share your pictures of Hannah and have alittle fun with Jordan and Benjamin. Jordan is such a smart little boy and such a good big brother and Ben ... oh, stole my heart ... such a sweetie ... and a chatter ... so cute! And you two were so wonderful ... I enjoyed seeing you love, hug and kiss your children. It touched my heart so much. Here are some of my favorites from today...thank you Jordan for the artistic idea of everyone laying on our backs ... even me!!!! I love that photo! :-) And Jordan .... don't forget to get some wintergreen lifesavers and cruch 'em in the dark with mom and dad - the sparks are totally cool! ;-)

I started the morning by hitting the road to Bodega Bay for an engagement shoot with Jason and Amber. It was a great drive. I stopped at a neat little coffee shop on Highway 1 The RoadHouse Coffee Shop . And then made my way to SchoolHouse Beach. Jason and Amber ... You guys are a kick in the pants! I had such so much fun shooting you guys! The beach was beautiful and you guys were so fun ... even with the biting eels (just kiddin')! The slideshow is of some of my favorite images of the day. Lunch at The Tides was fun ... I've always wanted to stop there and just never had. It was great to share your images with you right away! Can't wait 'til the wedding on July 4th! Lots of fireworks I'm sure!!!! :-)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What fun we had down by the dock!! Man it was hot! You guys were so much fun ... hope you enjoy your slideshow ... click on your picture and enjoy!

Monday, June 12, 2006

such a sweet little one ... Miss. Sydney! Click on the picture above and see a slideshow of my favorites from her session! She has the cutest ears and toes!!! Not to mention that fabulous smile! Priceless!!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Right ON!

Chip you totally ROCK!!!

About 2 months ago I was at lunch with several of my computer buds, Chip is one of those buds, I got Chip to agree to get his booty to the gym if I would meet him there two days a week... we had a deal ... this a.m. I told Chip ... man, you look like you are loosing weight .. he told me he had lost 21 lbs. !!!!

I'm so proud of you buddy! You told me thank you ... but buddy you did it all ... YOU TOTAL ROCK!!! Keep up the good work ... I'll keep showing up :-)

Monday, June 05, 2006

Tyson and Jenni thought you might like this :-) Here is the link to your slideshow! Enjoy and I can't wait for the wedding ... you guys were really fun! :-)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Its been a great weekend. I did an anniversary shoot with Clay and Heather and it was so fun! Heather and Clay you guys are great! I'll have the pictures posted this week. It was so hot! So we had fun down by the pier with some boats and water! Lots of fun! I can't wait 'till the wedding!

Also this weekend I got to photograph some great kids for the upcomming KidAround Town issue ... it will be out July 1! Thanks so much moms for beautiful kids! I have some pics up this week too.

Thanks Carol (a wonderful photographer friend) for meeting me for lunch and bringing me back some fun stuff from WPPI ... I'm definatly going next year!!! I can't wait! And maybe one day Beth and I will acktually meet!!!