Friday, August 01, 2008

Last weekend My brother TJ, his fiancee, Megan and I got together for an engagement session and had a great time. I tell you, the two of them have personality ... and peek at the photo below ... who can do that? CRAZINESS!

seriously, I made my brother do that a few times, just because I could not believe my eyes! My brother is 6'8" and Megan is 6'3" or 6'5" !!

This was too funny too, at the reception they are doing a little personal touch at each of the tables ... this is one of the images ... I can't show you them all ... but I can tell you ... there are sure to be laughs and dinner conversation at the tables!

I love this image ... I love the bike in the background ... silly I know ... but I'm obsessed with bikes right now ...
stay tuned ... their wedding is in October and I'm shooting it!

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Mark Dong said...

Hey Penny,
That should be one HILARIOUS wedding. I bet there will be fun, smiles and laughter had by all. Great shots... especially your brother holding himself perpendicular to the one way sign. You'll have to get a shot of yourself imitating him!