Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Wow, these last weeks have be just packed with all kinds of fun stuff. I'm running this evening to go and meet my friends Tyson and Jenni ... I shot their wedding in July and those lucky dogs got to goto Spain for a couple of weeks for their honeymoon...and can you belive they didn't take me along for photos (just kidding .. however a great idea if you want to be in your honeymoon shoots!!) Anyway ... I'm dying to see them and here about their adventure and of coarse see their pictures!!!

I shot for Kismet Maternity this past week and I have to tell you ... Stacey has the absolute best stuff!!! You moms have to check it out!! She carries the best jeans, the most stylish dresses ... and some of the cutest baby gifts and bags! She also carries Hip Bebes slings ... who makes some very very stylish baby slings ... check 'em out!!

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