Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wow! I can believe it's been so long since I've checked in! Life just gets so busy ... a good busy .. but busy non the less! I always know I've got to check myself when I've been skipping out on the gym and am glued literally to the computer! It's funny, my buddy Chip asked me if I was just beating him out of the gym or if I was flaking ... I sooooooo wantedt to say "of coarse I'm beating you out of the gym ... wondering where you've been" ... but no! darn it ... truth prevails ... so tomorrow a.m. ... back to the gym ... for integrity sake ;-)

I'm so excited ... I met with a beautiful bride to be and her honey, Megan and Derek, this weekend ... we hit it off right away ... anyway, they are going to be getting married at Emipre Mine in Grass Valley ... oh it is going to be beautiful! And I'm excited .. they live in San Francisco so I said ... we've got to do your engagement session in San Francisco ... I've got my head full of fun ideas! They agreed! I'm so thrilled!

I shot my favorite sweet potato, Freddy, and his family this weekend! This afternoon when I was going through the pictures ... I found myself smiling ... I tell you what ... they are such a happy family! It's such a joy to have such wonderful people in my life!

This job rocks! Thanks so much for all you guys ... I have the Best clients and friends!

Well, I'm off to bed at a decent hour tonight.... remember ... I've got to meet Chip at the gym!!!!

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