Saturday, August 26, 2006

Whew! What a Saturday! This is the first Saturday in I don't know how long that I actually had to myself ... Well sorta ... I finally got to organize Mason's closet ... it has been my storage closet for my photography stuff for the last 5 years ... so you can only imagine the pain of giving up that space to clothes and shoes ... but he did need his own closet! And I purged toys from both Mason and Isabels room ... it is amazing how much junk they can collect for such little people!!!

Also, it's sorta funny ... so I have to share. I've been on a big quest to help others lately ... this morning when Isabel and I were heading to Target to grab a few things I was wondering how I would do that today and it was so odd because as we pulled into the parking lot there was an older man with his family and you could tell that he had locked his keys in the car ... I seized the day and offered my AAA to come and unlock the car ... he couldn't belive it! He was so thrilled ... said that these days people just don't stop and help anyone anymore ... I told him ... well my friend ... today someone stopped ... he smiled and nodded. It totally made my heart smile!

I got to visit my friend Barbara ... took her maternity shots today ... it was great fun and I actually got all three of her little ones and her growing belly in several shoots ... I wasn't sure if I'd have success, but it all came together and it was great fun! On my way home I got to visit with my best bud Jenny who I don't get to see much ... I can't belief how Sammy and Nick have grown!! It was nice to see them all.

So, all in all this Saturday has been great! I'm going to finish this up, finish my glass of great wine that my husband poured me and head to bed to finish the book 'Never Eat Alone' which I have to say has been very interesting.

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