Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's been a great weekend! I got so much done around my home ... I actually can't belief it .. must be because I know I'm going to be crazy busy in September. I'll be out of town for two weeks to goto LA to train with Pictage and Mike Colon. I'm so excited! But in September every Saturday I have a wedding, which totally rocks ... but man, life will be crazy! I have several clients whose babies are due in the next weeks too ... that is going to be excitting. I get to meet some new little ones just about every week next month!!! Got to love that.

This past week I meet a wonderful couple Michael and Jennifer ... they are expecting a little girl and it was so fun to get to meet them and look at their wedding pictures ... in fact we were married by the same wonderful man! Isn't that just too cool! As soon as I got home I busted in the door and told my husband! I think he thought I was a little strange .. nothing new there :-)

Tomorrow I get to go help my friend Kristen pick out a camera ... I can't wait to show her all the fun stuff ... which will she pick .. Nikon or Canon .. I'll keep you posted ;-) I'm taking her to my favorite local camera shop Camera Arts. The staff there totally ROCKS! Everyone there is great and helpful ... if you are looking for new gear in the Sacramento area I highly recommend them .. they really help you and don't make you feel like you are a goober if you have a silly question.

Okay, Isabel is calling for me to go watch Little Mermaid for the 159th time ... too bad I'm really not keeping track ... 'cause I bet I hold the world record!!! Good Night!

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