Saturday, March 01, 2008


I've recently been Jennifer. If you haven't seen this going around...once you've been tagged you have to write 10 random, odd, unknown tidbits, habits, or goals about yourself. My family and I have been a bit under the weather and are now surfacing ... so finally I'm answering ... here are the 10 random penny things ..

  1. love the ocean ... that is a known fact; however, I have an irrational fear of sharks ... the crazy thing is I love to snorkel and dive ... here is how I do it ... once I jump in the water I quickly grab my breath, regain composure and literally accept that today I’m swimming in someones home, most likely jaws, and I might get eaten up ... once I’ve accepted that ... I’m totally good. REALLY.
  2. In high school in all my friends yearbooks I wrote ... “never give up on your dreams because dreams really do come true” I’ve always lived by those rules and it has never failed me. I think that is why I'm a photographer now.
  3. I love hooking people up ... not in the dating sense ... but in the sense if I think two people should meet or if someone has an idea and I think another might be able to help them ... I just love making that connection.
  4. I really started the backyard on fire when I was eight ... not my brother Scott ... who totally got in trouble for it! I hope my mom isn’t reading this ... if my brother is I’m sure I get a call ASAP saying ... “DUDE! It’s about time you came clean!”
  5. I love to cook and have a huge cookbook collection. My favorite thing to make ... not sure ... but I always cook tacos when my brother comes over ... weird!
  6. I left college with two semesters left to finish my marketing degree ... that was 7 years ago ... word to the wise ... working in corporate America 50 hours a week and carrying 18 units for 4 years is possible ... but not advisable ... people will think you are crazy and most likely you’ll have an ah ha moment that you’ll wonder ... “what the heck am I doing” ... and again I say ... follow your dreams ... you don’t always have to do what others think you should do. You know you best!
  7. If for some reason I could not be a photographer .... I would want to have a coffee shop/bistro and I’d know all the regulars and sit and chat with them and just enjoy the days and I’d for sure have a big dog that would greet everyone.
  8. I love my grandmas hands ... so much story behind them ... when I think of them ... I visualize her stirring a pot of soup or washing the dishes and holding my hand. I want to be just like her. Recently when my grandfather passed away we were all chatting and no one knew how they met ... except for me ... I remember one day when we were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of tea together and I asked her and she told me the most sassy, romantic story of my grandfather chasing her and her being way too bothered to give him the time of day ... they were married for 68 years! If one day you want to hear the story ... I'll share it over a cup of tea :-)
  9. I really want to learn how to play the guitar and the sax. I think they are both sexy!
  10. I ate french toast for the first time since the sixth grade, this past August the morning before a friends wedding I was photographing. Why is this monumental to mention? In the sixth grade my mom made it for me because I was in the school play, french toast was my favorite, I was so nervous that I had to run off stage and I threw up. Ok, that was over 20 years ago!
  11. I love black straws! I think they make a drink look sexy.
Soooo, who will I tag? I'm going to tag ....
Barbara with KidAround Magazine
and I'll work on the others ... but for now ... Barb consider yourself tagged!!

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mery donald said...

Hey Penny!

I just had so much fun reading your blog and catching up! Looks like you have been busy! I just wanted to say hi. Hope all is well!