Sunday, May 28, 2006

We're back from Disneyland and we had a wonderful time. Above are some of the images I snapped. I took a whole series of Mason in ToonTown on every car there - he wasn't big enough to go on the roller coaster so we had our own little photoshoot! And Isabel and I had some fun with a Buzz lighyear light thing at night waiting for the fireworks ... I'll post those soon just for fun!

It's been a busy week with sessions and meetings. And lots of learning. I've been soaking up a DVD by Mike Colon ... I just love it! I'm definatly going to have to attend his seminar! The DVD makes one thirsty for more!

I'm excitted to meet with Heather and Clay this upcomming weekend for their engagement shoot. We are going to shoot at a very fun place ... you'll have to check back for their images AND I'm shooting for KidAround Town this upcomming weekend ... which is always fun! I love it so much!

Oh yes, AND this week I got a picture in the Sacramento BEE! That was cool. I'll put the pic up tomorrow :-)

Enjoy the long weekend!


jdietzproductions said...

Hi there,
Sorry I don't mean to bother you, but I am also a photographer in PA. I have been looking into getting Mike Colon's DVD (probably both of them together) but have been nervous about the fact it costs almost $700. Have you found it to be worth it? Is it more of one of those biography videos, or did you find it to actually be educational? Any feedback you got on it would be great. I have burned in the past with some of these dvds, where they just talk about their products or their life stories, and don't really get into teaching techniques to make one a better photographer. Please let me know your thoughts if you wouldn't mind. Thanks again!

jdietzproductions said...

oops ... yea i see now your not in PA haha, but thats ok, thats not the important part of my quote haha. Your name through me off.
Ok thanks again!