Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Moms at the Park

This Monday I got the pleasure of photographing a local moms group at the park ... oh so much fun! Thank you guys for the great fun of photographing all your little ones ... each little one was so sweet! I'll have the images posted by Friday :-)

This morning I met with a client and her little boy Aiden! Oh, I have to say I could just kick myself for not having my camera with me as he made the cutest expression while waiting for us to finish our chat! Thank you Aiden for the smiles today!

Alrighty, it's back to work for me ... I've got sessions to work on. I've finished up my sweet pea Cannons session in the park and I have to say his eyes just capture my heart! I can't wait for his mommy and daddy to see the pictures ...


Jennifer said...

Hi Penny!
It was great meeting you at the park. Just wanted to know if there is a username and password for the photos or if we'll be able to find them on your recent sessions link. My boys were cranky that day so I'm not sure if there were any shots but looking forward to seeing the photos anyway :)!
Thanks again for the shoot!
Jennifer (Diego and Mateo's mom)

Penny Sylvia said...

Hey Jennifer ... Oh yes, I got some good ones of your sweet boys :-) I thought I'd have them up yesterday ... but it will most likely be this evening (Saturday) it's been a busy week!!! No user name and password ... I'll have then under recent sessions and I'll also put a link here on the blog. Thanks for checking in!