Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Where does the time go? I honestly don't know ... if time were a commodity that one could buy I would surely be broke!!

Thank you so much to all my fabulous moms who stepped up to volunteer for me ... I honestly have the most awesome clients! Yeah Baby is just around the corner and it should be great!

My buddy Brian checks on my blog every now and again and I'd like to thank you Brian ... I fixed it so you don't have to register to leave a comment ... just hit the logon and publish and it will publish for you ... at least when I tested it it worked ;-) Thanks for the support.

Did anyone catch the Oprah yesterday about inspiring young girls? I just loved it and was so inspired ... I love that people like Oprah, Venus and Serina Willams and Jada Pinket-Smith are reaching out to young ones and direct to them, talking to them and letting them know that they can be all that they want to be. That they are beautiful and strong. I love it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny, thank you so much for your time at the yeaBaby. I have to say that you saved the day (at least for me). I took my daughter there mainly too see Dora, but being the typical dad, I forgot the camera. Well I wanted to blame it on my wife (who had to work) since she didn't remind me but that didn't work. So back to you saving the day. Thank you for taking the pictures, it took a little to find it but it was worth it. I will let my wife decide which one she likes and we will order a print (Well you did save the day after all so you should get a little reward).

I like your pictures, your philosophy and style, keep it up.

Thank you again.


Penny Sylvia said...

Thanks Dan! Glad I could help! :-)