Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Flowers and Coffee Cup Oh yeah

Well, I've been working feaverishly on getting CD's and images ready for the web and it's finally time to sit back and enjoy the evening. I'm hanging out here on the couch as my little Mason is falling alseep next to me ... he is just the cutest! Tonight he was brushing his teeth with the two new tooth brushes the dentist gave me ... no Mr. YuckMouth here!

Below is a collage from Christine and Al's maternity session - you guys were so sweet! I really enjoyed photographing you guys - thanks for such a fun shoot.

On this March 1, 2006 I'm vowing to start my project that I keep saying that I'm going to start and never do and that is my art photo of the day. So, it's now started! Hopefully I'll be good and get them up here. I'm going to start carrying my camera now - every where - so friends and family beware!!! I've been especially drawn to flowers and coffee cups lately ... so we'll see what turns up ;-)

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