Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Il Fornaio and Buckets of Rain

Well little Miss. Isabel is in dance class and I'm getting an hour of free mom time ... well ... work time ;-) I took this picture Saturday of Isabel while I was waiting for my maternity session to arrive and I just love it because it is so Miss. Isabel! I had to share it.
I'm feaverishly processing photos from Kristle and Ryan Jones wedding this weekend. It was so beautiful and we beat the rain. I followed them to a romantic dinner at Il Fornaio's (the restaurant was most gracious in letting us take pictures ... it's such a beautiful restaurant!) and when I left them and got in the car ... buckets of rain came down and I mean buckets! Yeah guys ... we beat the downpour. Ryan and Kristle are enjoying themselves in Jamacia right now ... I'll have a collage of their wedding posted within the next day or two ... and their pictures up by the end of the week!!!
Christine and Al you guys were so fun ... I can't wait to show you your maternity photos! And I can't wait to meet your little girl when she arrives! Excitting! Thank you Michelle for sending me such delightful clients :-)

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