Sunday, August 05, 2007

New Eyes For the Needy

The above is a little bit of Penny Sylvia history! I used to wear glasses and I loved them .. but they started crampin' my style when I started enjoying water sports and photographing like crazy ... so two years ago I gave 'em the boot ... but I just could not let go ... I loved them too much. This past friday I decided that I wanted to give 'em to someone who could use them ... so I went online and found a charity that does something really great with them ... they pass them to those who truly can not afford to have glasses ... the organization is New Eyes for The Needy all you have to do is pack 'em up and send them, just like that you are helping others!! If you have any glasses and/or sunglasses that you don't wear any more ... pass 'em on to those that can. Plus not only did I feel good when I sent them off ... I have more space in my closet!

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