Sunday, August 05, 2007

Linda and Dave

Yesterday evening I got to photograph Linda and Dave and we had a great time! They are such a kick in the pants ... now I can totally see Linda kicking my pants right now!! She is so so fun, and Dave too! Dave made me totally nervous as he got closer and closer to the cliff to get to the edge for a great photo ... I was REALLY nervous and then on the way back down Linda asked me ... so Penny ... what is the craziest thing that has happened on a shoot ... I'm pleased to say ... not jumping off cliffs ... although with the proper equipment ... that might be fun!!! I think...

After we had fun at the beach in Pacifica we headed to Half Moon Bay ... a personal favorite place for me and we did a little photographing and then we headed to a great Italian place that was one of their favorites MEZZALUNA which I highly recommend ... it was yummy and the creme brulee ... yummy yummy yummy! I'll have to take my brother Scott there as he is the one responsible for passing my name along to this great couple!!! I truly can't wait to the wedding ... not only is everything going to be beautiful ... it will be great fun!

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