Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Man-0-man! It's been a crazy week and its only Wednesday! This week I got to work with Jolissa of Good Day Sacramento and give tips on how to get great photos and how to edit them...TV is so so fun! And Jolissa and the crew are great, Dave, Terry, Alyson and Branden all made me feel comfortable and like I was one of the gang! Thank you guys! I'll post some pics from the day ... but if you are curious you can goto the Good Day Sacramento site and see alittle clip!

Also today my new ad came out in Sacramento Bride magazine! It was so awesome to buy the magazine at the book store and say ... this is my work! Jenni the bride in the ad is just the sweetest thing ... Both Tyson and Jenni, Thank you so much for being such truly wonderful people.

Well, Isabel is calling me to give her a kiss goodnight ... so I'm going to go hang out with her and most likely fall asleep ... it's been a long day!

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