Monday, March 05, 2007

I just love this image! I wanted to share it. Today I stepped out my front door and decided that no matter what it was going to be a great day ... and you know what ... it was!!! I've really been trying to focus on the wonderful blessings that we have each and every day ... the simple things ... most times I think I'm pretty good at it .. or at least my husband tells me that, but I was feeling like maybe with as busy as I've been getting with life stuff that I was missing out , or losing sight ... so this morning I stepped out the the door, took a deep breath, a good swig of my coffee that Tony made me and took in the beauty of the clouds, the fresh air and the many, many chirping birds ... it was truly a beautiful day! When I came back home from my trip my kids greeted me so happily it brought tears to my eyes, it was so awesome!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Penny:
I think this blog definately deserves a comment. Thank you for the reality check that life truly IS beautiful and a blessing. I think we all, at some point in life, get so busy that we forget to stop and listen to the "birds chirping".
What a uplifting and refreshing blog to read and just a nice "food for thought" piece. well done.
I'm very proud of you and the success your having.
Great job ....
After reading your blog re: our trip to SF with Marcus Bell and Joe Bussink, I have to agree. The inspiration they exude is intoxicating. I sat there with tears in my eyes because I too, could relate to their strong passion for why we do, what we do.
If I learned nothing else from that seminar, it made me even more proud to be a photographer, and it reminded me why our jobs are so important.
I can't wait till we can sit at Starbucks again and chat.
Keep Smile'n