Monday, July 17, 2006

Comming to you live from San Antonio ... I'll looking out the window of the Alamo ... it's not as big as I thought it would be ... but very beautiful! I had to resist the temptation to take pictures inside today ... it's not allowed! Can you belive that?! I was so temped to just click since my lens are fast and who would know ... but darn it ... I just couldn't bring myself to break the rules!!! Darn it! But I did get some awsome shots outside of windows and doors and such ... I'll post 'em shortly. We are heading to Sea World tomorrow to see Shamu ... even though, in my mind, at least, Shamu lives in San Diego ... I'm excitted to take the kids there!

Saturday I shot an absolutly stunning wedding in Napa. Jenni and Tyson were absolutly beautiful! I just love 'em both! So, so, so wonderful! Their wedding was in the backyard of a family friend and it was to die for!!! Demi, my assistant, and I both said ... now this is a place to get married! Absolutly beautiful! Wait till you see the photos ... I was feaveriously downloading them on my way to San Antonio because I couldn't wait to veiw them!!! I'll try to get some of them up shortly. Most likely this week.

Anyway ... I'm going to go back to the fam ... I am on vacation ;-)

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Lora Krenzler said...

Have fun in San Antonio! I was stationed at Fort Sam, San Antonio and know how fun that place is! The Alamo is very small isn't it! And the River walk is so cool! Give "Shamu" a kiss for me!