Thursday, June 29, 2006

well, it's been one crazy week! Besides fighting a summer cold ... no fun let me tell you ... I had a great shoot for Hip Bebes (I couldn't resist posting the above picture) Lora the owner is wonderful and her slings are super sassy and totaly awesome! The fabrics are so hip! I love 'em! You'll have to check 'em out. They are now available at Kismet Maternity.

Oh yes, and I'm so excitted, I just booked a show ... July 30. It's going to be so much fun ... more details to follow. So save the date and come see some of my work and have a cup of tea with me at Javalicious in River Park. Loana the owner is just the sweetest ... we are going to have fun :-)

I'm looking forward to a crazy busy weekend and Jason and Amber's wedding on July 4th! They are such a great couple, so fun! If they can survive attacking eels at the beach ;-) they can make it through anything!! You guys are great and I'm totally looking forward to Tuesday!

Well, to bed I go ... I've got to kick this cold ...

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Lora Krenzler said...

Hi Penny! Just checkin out your blog....Love the picture, how cute are those little feet! Also, no K at the end of Kismet :)... I Can't wait to get your pictures! See you Monday, and I hope you're feeling better...Lora